How to choose from all your ideas and create a range of products to offer

You want to create an offer and you can’t choose from all your ideas. You have so many – how do you know which one to start with? I have regularly given workshops to groups of entrepreneurs who faced this problem. I always did the following exercise with them with great results.

The advantage of this exercise is that you make a choice and you also discover whether there is any logic in the structure of the different parts of your offer.


You start with a braindump. Write down all your ideas. Set a timer with a limited amount of time: 3 – 5 minutes. Put on calming music and keep writing. You can use the template below, or just a blank sheet of paper. Whatever you prefer.

Free template

I have created a template for you to use for this exercise.  Do you want to download the template? Click here.

Start the exercise

To make a choice, follow the steps below:

  1. Write down all your ideas in the empty section. These can be things you have already, but also wild plans, anything goes!
  2. When the time is up, take a look at the results. Circle the (maximum of) 4 ideas that give you the most energy to work on right now.
  3. Write these ideas in the boxes at the top. Increasing in value.

My time is up and I have many more ideas.

Trust that the ideas that fit you best are now on paper. You can always continue to doubt, but the idea is that you now start working on your chosen idea. If this idea really doesn’t fit what you love to do, you will quickly find out. With these new insights, you can do the exercise again.

Which idea do I choose for my online program now?

If all goes well, you have now chosen a maximum of 4 ideas, in order of cheap to expensive. First, see if the chosen ideas form a logical structure. Do they fit the same target audience? Do they fit together? Do they help my ideal customer step by step? If this is correct, choose which idea is the basis of your online program. Often, I advise starting with one of the lower-priced ideas. This way, you can quickly create something and start testing if you can sell your idea. It would be a shame to put a lot of work into your program and find out that it doesn’t connect with your customers.

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