Read about my many interests and how the help me discover the best of you

My key value is Authenticity. This is why I always look for solutions that fit with who you are. 

How do we create an online offer that fits your way of working like a glove?

I really like  to talk with my clients. This is why I always work with live-sessions via Zoom.

I see myself as multi-potential. I like to do, try and learn about a lot of different things. This helps me to find your perfect solution. I simply have seen and experienced a lot of different things.

I’m a book lover. I read about 40 books each year. As a child I read even more: about 3 books each week.

I like to read about entrepreneurship, personal development and chick-lits.

My biggest guilty-pleasure is watching X-mas films.  

I love the relation that blossoms between two people. The great future they see before them. The good freind that helps them getting togehter.

I love to project that onto my business.

I’m the great friend that pushes you and your ideas in the right direction.  Resulting in an amazing offer and a method that provide you and your ideas a happily ever after.

My first experience with computers and programming was when I was about nine. 

Me and a friend typed some commands into the computer and lines appeard on the screen.

I found it magical.

I love to play tennis. What appeals me the most is the combination of strategic thinking and moving your body. 

Where can I place the ball, so my partner has the best chance of hitting a winner?

I like to think
out of the box.