Get Unstuck Stop Overthinking Start Earning

For solopreneurs who need support and
accountability to create their online course.

I can guide you, but you have to make the decisions.

Do you find devising your online course great fun, but do you get stuck with everything involved in creating it?
Do you spend hours on the technique and mastering all the tools and do you feel like you are starting all over again?
next time you sit down to work on your online course?
Do you want a stick behind the door and a place where you can go with your questions, so that you can soon use your online course for your customers?

With my From Thinking to Doing process, you can be sure that you are taking steps every week,
so that you soon are ready to launch your online course.

"I can't get myself to finish these things I want in my business"

How I can help you get unstuck stop overthinking start earning

Breakthrough session

1 hour
We talk about where and why you’re stuck and I help you find a simple solution, getting you back into action immediately.

Strategy intensive

3 session
From being stuck with a 1000 ideas, to a compelling offer that brings you joy, money and fulfillment.

Esther Bennett

Who am I?

My name is Esther Bennett and I believe that everything is driven by energy and that you can use that to your advantage. By feeling what gives you energy in your work and from which people, you always make choices that suit you. Dare to go for work that makes you super happy and where everything seems to go by itself. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. When things happen naturally, you actually do a lot. Time flies and when you’re done you’ll have more energy than when you started.

I love it when people blossom again, when they dare to stand up for something that makes them very happy. I believe that’s exactly where you provide the most value to other people.

I am your sparring partner, inspirer and motivator. I help you discover what really makes you happy and take steps to achieve that. I help you discover which online offering suits what you already do in your 1-on-1 processes. How you can strategically use the things you already do with your customers, so that your processes become even more valuable. How you can work smartly with small groups with an online offer. Authentic and personal.

Omring jezelf met mensen die je energie geven

— Inspire —

Don't waste energy trying to make people to love you
Get your energy from the people who already do.

— Omdenken —

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